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Welcome to /r/Gore, where redditors meet reality. Enjoy your stay.


> No non-gore content: Articles and news stories can be posted to /r/MorbidReality. Memes, image macros and other non-gore content will be deleted.

> Content: Both animal gore and child gore is allowed in this subreddit. Cartoons and CG gore can be posted to ~~/r/FakeGore~~. If you stubbed your toe and it's nasty, but not hanging on by a thread of flesh, try /r/Shatter instead.

> Self-posts: Requests, stories, discussions and other gore related text-posts are fine.

> Douchbaggery: Trolls, spammers, phishers and other douchebags will be banned. Asking/begging for invites or accounts for websites will get you a ban as well.

>Note: If you see a rule being broken don't be afraid to report it.

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