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Welcome to /r/GrandTheftAutoV, the hub for all things GTAV.

>#Rules > Make sure to follow reddiquette. > Make sure it's directly related to GTAV. This includes title and content. > Any type of hostility towards anyone will not be tolerated. > PC and Console elitists will be banned without prior warning. This includes flairs, comments, and posts.

>#Disallowed Submissions > Memes / Macro images of any kind. > Any type of post we believe is low effort or repetitive. > Any sort of LFP (Looking for Players) posts. There are other subs for this. > Any form of a real life picture. > Any form of self-advertising. > No links to sketchy mods and no links to glitching or hacking videos.

The moderators reserve the right to remove any post we believe does not belong in /r/GrandTheftAutoV.

>#Miscellaneous > Looking for a heist team? Check out /r/HeistTeams. > Looking for some other players? Submit a post on /r/gtaonline. > Want to see some glitches? Go see /r/gtaglitches. > If you want a PC specific version of this sub, check out /r/GrandTheftAutoV_PC. > Looking for a crew? Have a look at /r/gtaonlinecrews > Looking for custom jobs? have a look at /r/GTAContent >* Looking for another fun open-world game developed by Rockstar Games? Perhaps you'd like Red Dead Redemption 2 (Spring 2018). Visit /r/RedDeadRedemption for more.

If your comment contains spoilers, please use the following code.

This: [GTAV is awesome](/s "GTAV")
Becomes: GTAV is awesome

This: [Let's go bowling!](/s "GTAIV")
Becomes: Let's go bowling

>#Filter By Tag > Misleading || Announcement > Discussion || Image > Video || News > Gif || Official >* Other || COTM

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