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>#Welcome! Welcome to /r/GrandTheftAutoV, your source for all GTAV related news, discussions, posts, and more. Please take a second to read over reddiquette and look at content that is not permitted.

>#Disallowed Submissions > Anything not directly related* to GTAV. This means all other GTA games.

> Memes / Macro images of any kind. > Low-effort submissions (such as all caps or non-descriptive titles). > 'Looking for players' posts. > Any form of PC/Console elitism. > Any form of a real life picture. > Any form of self-advertising or promotion. > No discussion of how to exploit or mod the game. > Please note: Because GTAV is rated M, everyone is expected to act like adults. Mild hostility is allowed in the correct context, but open racism, witch-hunting, excessive hostility, and the like will get you permanently banned. Use your better judegment. Downvote trolls and move on.

The mod team can remove any post or comment at our own discretion if deemed detrimental to the sub. Rule violators will be banned without warning.

>#Related Subreddits >* Looking for a heist team? - /r/HeistTeams

> Looking for some other players or want to see an online specific sub? - /r/gtaonline. > Glitches more your thing? - /r/gtaglitches. > Check out the PC specific sub - /r/GrandTheftAutoV_PC. > Looking for a crew - /r/gtaonlinecrews > Looking for custom jobs / races? - /r/GTAContent > Looking for another Rockstar created fun open-world game? - Visit /r/RedDeadRedemption for more.

If your comment contains spoilers, please use the following code.

This: [GTAV is awesome](/s "GTAV")
Becomes: GTAV is awesome

This: [Let's go bowling!](/s "GTAIV")
Becomes: Let's go bowling

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