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The beauty, the simplicity, the greens, the peace.

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Welcome to GreenLattice!

We were a major faction of /r/place.

Here's Our Memorial Site

Now that /r/place has ended, we have moved on to these other pixel-based drawing boards:

Place 2.0

Pixel Place [Android]
Pixel Place [iOS]

Our World of Pixels



Just look for our lattice, or see this post to find out where we are currently building on each one.


RULE #1:
Protect art, do not destroy it.
Work around existing pixel art.
Any new art must be OUTSIDE our
borders unless we approve it first.

RULE #2:
Protect our banner and our territory!

RULE #3:
Keep the lattice clean!

RULE #4:
We are a peaceful people.
We do not aggress against other factions.
Let's aim to be the good guys of the place.

RULE #5:
We are not, and will not be affiliated
with any political movements.

If you have diplomatic questions or requests, please visit us in our discord.

Discord Channel

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