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Grip Training

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/r/GripTraining is a subreddit for anyone from hardcore grip strength competitors to anyone looking for a stronger pair of mitts or bigger forearms (though the emphasis is on overall grip strength not solely aesthetics). Grip strength is incredibly useful in everyday life, often the weak point in overall strength training, useful in sports like climbing and martial arts, and great for injury prevention. Taken further there is the sport of grip training, the most popular of which is closing rated grippers but also includes events like pinch lifts, hub lifts, blob lifts, sledgehammer and lever lifts, etc and their respective training tools. Post your questions, routines, exercises, reviews of equipment you use, grip accomplishments, technique/training tips, grip sport news, grip videos/articles, etc.

Regular Features

Moronic Monday: Ask any questions you may have about grip training that you've been afraid to create a whole new thread for. See all past Moronic Mondays.

Technique Tuesday: Articles, videos, tips, and discussion focused around a featured grip exercise every other week. Viewing past posts is a great way to get an in depth introduction to a variety of exercises. See all past Technique Tuesdays.

Grip Challenges

Current: (no current challenges)

Past Grip Challenges are archived in the FAQ

Request your flair

No matter what your level we encourage you to request flair by messaging the mods to share your accomplishments and progress. Read the request flair guidelines first.

Posting guidelines

All questions are welcome but please read the GripTraining FAQ and posting guidelines beforehand to see if it has already been answered. How to ask for help.

Beginner Routines

This Basic Routine by David Horne is a very good routine to build a base for more advanced grip training.

SleepEatLift's "Cheap and Free Grip Training" post

Tykato's Big Post contains some grip-centric anatomy lessons, and some light rehab info.

The Barrel Strength Systems DIY Pinch Block

Hand and Wrist Health

Here's our own hand and wrist health routine!

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