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Guess The Movie!

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Guess the name of a movie based on a screenshot!

If you're new to the subreddit, then please read our wiki


Two-day ranking

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Weekly ranking

rank|user|points :---:|:---|---: 1|· /u/deadfallpro|14 2|· /u/cmarro913|12 3| /u/Rafael_P_S|9 4| /u/wleen|6 5| /u/BigBoo22|6

All-time ranking

rank|user|points :---:|:---|---: 1|· /u/DoctorFork|3454 2|· /u/Tiny9915|3097 3|· /u/kdk12k2k12|2675 4|· /u/HarryEllis|2408 5|· /u/ocean365|2236



  1. be nice.

  2. tag all posts with [GTM] (and [NSFW] if appropriate).

  3. wait at least an hour after you make a post before correcting guesses. This way more people have a chance to participate.

  4. report correct guesses to our scoring system (see below).

  5. upvote posts you like to show your appreciation!


  • Click here to browse all pictures at once!

  • For help making screenshots, look here

  • For help making animated GIFs, see here

Scoring system

Correctly identifying a shot earns both you and the original poster points, and gives you a shot at making our leaderboard. Just click the green "report" button on a correct guess, and points will be recorded automatically.

(See here for a list of winners of our previous competitions.)

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