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This sub is for exposing content or people that use guilt to either promote a product or get sympathy from you.


  1. Content must depict Guilt Tripping in the format of either programs, peer to peer discussions/conversations, or screenshots of posts. Posts detailing stories and Serious Discussions must be flaired as such.

  2. Do not post any identifiable information, phone numbers, or usernames that could be used to contact anyone in your post. This does not apply to corporations, computer programs, or other group entities. Simple contact names are allowed.

  3. Be Civil. There are many subreddit where you can argue and fight, and /r/GuiltTrip is far from one of them. Come on, people.

  4. No Recent Reposts. Something that has been posted here before should not have to be seen again for six months. You'll likely recognize this one being taken from /r/AssholeDesign. What can I say? It's a damn good rule.

  5. Screenshots are preferred over links, though Links must be from reliable hosts.

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