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  1. Be excellent to each other.

  2. Know the rules before submitting a post.

  3. No "Gear for Sale" posts. Take that to /r/Gear4Sale.


  • For elaboration on the full list of posting guidelines, see here.

  • Have a basic question? Consider posting to our "No Stupid Questions" thread.

You MUST tag your post!

...or it will be automatically removed. These must include the brackets, and a description that conveys the entire message of your post. No clickbait, no titles that just say "I have a question" - Please be descriptive as possible in your title while keeping it concise!

Required bracketed tags:

  • [GEAR] - for pictures of gear

  • [NEWBIE] - new to the instrument and have a question? Use this tag!

  • [QUESTION] - for all questions

  • [DISCUSSION] - want to discuss an article, technique, tip, etc. you found with /r/Guitar? This is the tag to use!

  • [NEWS] - for sharing guitar related news

  • [PLAY] - use this tag for sharing a sound clip/performance or when asking for feedback

  • [OC] - for original content (lessons, how-to's, tabs, reviews, etc.)

Spam and self-advertising are not allowed

Posting a video? Please follow these guidelines so that your post does not get mistaken for self-promotion:

  • At the bare minimum, in the text you must include 1) A summary of what the video is about (ex. "In this video I go over how to find the notes on the fretboard, and the first position of the major scale”) and 2) How it will benefit people watching (ex."“This should teach you how to play the first position of the major scale in any key”)

  • Your account must adhere to the Reddit rules of self-promotion listed here.

    For more on this, please see here

  • You can...

  • post in our monthly self promotion thread

  • share sound clips from youtube/soundcloud
  • ask the moderators if you have questions

  • You cannot...

  • advertise as a proxy

  • link to your blog/website/youtube channel page
  • ask people to subscribe

Spill the details!

  • We are a text only sub. Link dropping is not permitted and low effort posts will be removed at the moderators' discretion.

  • What makes a good post? Discussion. Please share things like:

  • what kind of music you play

  • your favorite bands
  • year/make/model
  • a review/why it appeals to you
  • sound clips are always appreciated

Thank you for visiting. Please enjoy /r/Guitar!

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