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Gunpla: for upcoming models, reviews, tips & tricks, etc.

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About us

While Gunpla is a portmanteau of "Gundam plastic model", this subreddit is dedicated to the practice of building all mecha models. Posts of pictures/videos of your kits, reviews, tips, and gunpla news are most welcome!

Current events

Repository of useful links and threads.

[Banner Build 2016] (

Commerce thread

Haul thread

Gunpla Loot-Box Thread

Telegram Group

Join the Live discussion at the r/Gunpla Telegram Group!


Don't be a dick. Keep it classy or face mod action.

Blog and YouTube creators are expected to be active community members and must follow good reddiquette.

Photos of hauls (boxes and unbuilt kits) should be posted in the monthly haul thread! Secret Santa posts are okay in December and January.

Non-mecha (tanks, planes, etc.) and non-kits (e.g. action figures) are not on-topic.

Flair filters

beginner / build / display / wip / not my build /

detailing / painting / tools / customizing

help me decide / shopping / silly / news/review

meta / other mecha / Secret Santa 2016

Other places

If you would like to discuss the Gundam series more in-depth, check out r/Gundam.

Click here for the official /r/Gunpla Discord Server!

If you would like to battle your gunpla check out /r/BuildFightSystem.

For more complicated builds and techniques that go beyond your OOB, there's /r/advancedGunpla.

Check out /r/resinkits for resin model kits (what else did you expect?)

Finally click here to check out credits for our banner.

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