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Game of Thrones on HBO

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A community for fans of the HBO series Game of Thrones who have not read the ASOIAF novels and wish to avoid exposure to advanced spoilers. Discussion of book content, including comparisons, is disallowed as per rule #4.

Moderation reserves the right to remove posts and comments without referencing the violated rule. Read our rules and you will not need to worry!

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#1. Always Adhere to Reddiquette

Check your attitude at the door. Respect your moderators and your fellow community members. Users who say sexist, racist, overtly-political, or otherwise hurtful/hateful things, or post links to Illegal/NSFW websites will be banned with no exceptions. Contrarian behavior is treated as willful trolling. Tip: If you're starting your statement with a dreadfully simple 'Nah.', you might be a contrarian! Do not respond rudely to moderators doing their jobs. This is a bannable offense.

#2. No Spoilers in Post Titles or Inappropriate Threads

If you wish to ask a question about an aspect of the show, use a title such as "[S2E05] A question about Theon". Always be as cryptic as possible!

#3. Speculation Threads

are for show watchers only. Book readers are not permitted to post in any speculation threads. VIOLATION OF THIS RULE WILL RESULT IN A BAN.

#4. Content exclusively from the ASOIAF Books

is strictly forbidden. This includes comparing differences between the books and the HBO show. Some fans of the show will go on to read the books later and deserve to be unspoiled if they so wish.

#5. Posting Articles

detracts from actual discussion taking place on this Sub. Link posting is disabled. If you've found an article you'd like to discuss, make a text post and discuss it. Feel free to include the link within your text as a source for reference purposes. Users who only post clickbait will be banned. Please avoid attempted promotion of your personal blog or the like, as this also detracts from actual discussion taking place on this sub.

#6. Silly Content

must be posted in the thread designated for Silly Content, specifically and currently The Fool's Corner.

#7. Illegal/Leaked Content

Any and all discussion of piracy, illegal streams, leaked info from hackers, etc is strictly forbidden and will result in a ban.

#8. Post Quality

When submitting a post, please take your time to formulate a quality post which will generate meaningful discussion. Do not submit posts which contain no more than a title. This will be regarded as Karma Farming. Also, avoid creating posts about your disappointment with an episode as this belongs within the megathread of the relevant episode.

#9. How to Post Links

When posting a Link, whether in the body of your post or a comment, use the following method:

[title here](link here) <--Do not shorten your URL. This is so that a mouseover will reveal to potential clickers where they will be taken. Also, always include some text commentary within your post-body or comment. This is to avoid link-dumping for Karma as well as to stimulate discussion.


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