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Humans of New York

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Welcome to the unofficial Humans of New York (HONY) subreddit.

HONY is a photo-blog started by Brandon Stanton. You can check it out here: You can also follow it on his Facebook page or his Instagram account.


  • We encourage redditors to share their stories in the same self-post format that the mods will use to share HONY posts. If any photographers would like to start a project similar to HONY in their locales, that would be acceptable as well, provided that they are in the established format. We don't encourage you to start photographing strangers and asking for their story (legal reasons) but if you do, and get their permission, your posts would be welcome here.

  • All posts will be removed by the spam filter after submission. To have your post approved, you must message the mods with proof that you are, or that you know, the person in the post you are submitting. If you are a photographer inspired by HONY, message the mods before posting that we may verify you.

  • All posts are subject to the moderators discretion. Your post should ring with truth: posting a picture of your face and saying you were abducted by aliens will not be accepted unless you can prove that you have made this claim well before your post (like on TV or a blog).

  • Racism, sexism, homophobia, and any other comments meant to degrade a person, will not be tolerated here. You do not get a warning; you will be banned. No exceptions.

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