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HyperText Markup Language

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Discuss, share, ask, learn and teach HTML.

Posting guidelines:
  • If you have lots of code, create a JSFiddle and link to it.
  • Start each line of code with 4 spaces to get code block formatting.

  • Surround inline code with backquotes (`)

  • Links intended for advertising are not allowed and will be deleted.

Rules and Bans

New Rule (21/05/14): All questions must now have a JSFiddle link. Any that do not will be removed. Read more about this change here.

  1. Do not request help forging/editing websites or emails. This includes anything from editing an email template used by a company to duplicating and/or editing an entire website.

  2. When posting code, if your code is more than five lines long please create a jsFiddle for it. (Why?)

  3. Keep comments polite.

  4. When linking in a comment to a post on your own blog, or some other website that you are involved in (even if it's not commercial) you must make it clear that you are involved in the site. This includes sharing affiliate links to hosting providers or other, and when doing so you must also provide a non-affilate link.

  5. All posts must use the link flair. Posts will be hidden until they have link flair.

  6. Do not use in-title tags (such as [OWN]). Instead, please use the link flairs.

Breaking rule 1 will result in an immediate ban, ranging from two days to permanent depending on the severity.

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