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/r/HailCorporate is to document times when people act as unwitting advertisers for a product [example A] as well as to document what appear to legitimate adverts via native advertising.

What acts as an ad, is an ad, no matter if it was put there sneakily or because someone has inured a brand so far into their life that they don't even know they are a walking ad.

We have strict "Don't be a jerk" rules that are enforced with immediate banning. The guidelines are more likely to result in a post removal or warning, but breaking them could result in a ban.

  • No cursing
  • No name calling
  • No brigading
  • No witchhunting
  • No harassing other users
  • No doxing, submit actual proof to reddit admins by messaging moderators or /r/reddit/com
  • Don't use the brand name in title
  • Replace [BRAND], [CELEBRITY], or [PRODUCT] (etc) with the offending terms used in the OP
  • Up a non-participation link when directly linking (replace 'www' with 'np')

  • If you don't report a rule violation, we probably won't see it.
  • If you make a post or comment that violates the rules Automod will remove it and no one will ever see it
  • Please don't try to act all edgy and mention a bunch of brand names here, you'll likely be auto-mod'd then banned
  • r/gaming, r/movies, r/ama, etc links are not encouraged as we all know that it is filled with advert type posts in their own specific subject. However when a different topic comes up it may qualify. E.g. posts about a soda brand in a television subreddit The of today is different than the of the past. Potential for censorship across the website has been realized.
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Follow the money.

}>/r/HailCorporate condemns the moderators of r\bitcoin for working to break the functionality of btc, forcing early adopters and people who want to use bitcoin to upgrade to Bitcoin Cash<{

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