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Reddit is a website that no longer allows people to vote on content and see the most popular things. Currently there are filters in place so the votes of the community don't matter in what gets shown on the front page. Reddit may even censor content depending on location now. Much like DailyMail or HuffingtonPost, Reddit censors content and has 'editors' dictating what you see.

The Reddit that once existed is dead.

Welcome to the new censorship powered and marketing driven reddit.
Remember to follow the money.

What Is HailCorporate? CLICK HERE

  • Advertisements are everywhere, even if you are not aware of them.

  • This subreddit is based on the principle that popular culture has permeated so far into our own lives that we are acting unknowingly as shills for a multitude of things.

  • Just because no one got paid to make a post doesn't make it any less of an advertisement if it acts just the same as an advertisement.

  • This is simply a place to document things that act as ads.



Rules - you may be banned on first offense for rule breaking
  • We are not here to witchhunt or downvote other threads or users (witchhunting will qualify as encouraging the maltreatment of others). When linking to other subreddits, replace "www." with "np.". If you do not, your post will be removed.

  • No harassing

  • No being rude

  • No brigading

  • No being disruptive. (Don't come here to cause an annoyance and not contribute to the subreddit. You will be banned if you do.)

  • Do not use brand name in title

Mods may remove any content at any time if they do not think it is good for the sub -- regardless of the requirements listed.

...Please don't use the brand name in the title of your submission. This cannot be stressed enough. We don't want HailCorporate submissions to contribute to the volume of viral marketing messages on reddit.

Things to keep in mind

  • Don't make dumb jokes or posts which might out of context seem like a /r/HailCorporate submission themselves or risk removal and banning

  • User history, account age, and past posts mean nothing. Only the most obvious spam accounts fail to obfuscate this (see /r/spam and /r/shills if you find one).

  • r/gaming, r/movies, r/ama, etc links are not encouraged as we all know that it is filled with advert type posts in their own specific subject. However when a different topic comes up it may qualify. E.g. a post about a tv show in a videogame subreddit

  • Almost no one is really an astroturfing 'shill' so without hard evidence then hold accusing, only present evidence in a neutral manner

  • Don't act like a child. Seriously.

  • Try to avoid using brand names in the title of your post here

  • Report all rule violations for immediate moderator viewing and possible banning.


Found a Reddit account shilling for a product? Do you have solid proof, examples and evidence?

Submit an overview with everything above included to r/Shills

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