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GENERAL RULES Updated 11/2014

  • Use constructive criticism - do not put others down. Please try to follow reddiquette when possible.

  • All posts have to be related to hair. (SFW only)

  • Spam will not be tolerated. Do not advertise your product, blog, or salon here. You will be reported, but more than likely your post will be caught in the spam filter anyway, so it's a waste of time.

  • For style advice and product recommendations, please be sure to include the type of hair you have and condition it's in, as well as the whole overall look you are trying to accomplish. For color advice: include things like whether or not the hair has been dyed before, and if so with what and how many times, and a picture! If you're not comfortable using your own picture, we would advise for you to use a celebrity hair color or style picture when describing a desired style, at least, for better advice! We highly suggest using to upload images.

  • If you don't know how to describe a haircut to the stylist then take the picture to him/her. It's always much better than explaining. It doesn't leave anything open to misinterpretation.

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tldr; have respect for yourself and others, and don't spam.

If you feel your entry was unfairly removed or you were unfairly blocked, please contact a moderator.

**PLEASE don't hold it against the mods if your post is not posted -- it's probably just stuck in the spam filter and we missed it. If you bring it to our attention we will hunt for it.

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