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"It's not the battles you've fought that make you tired. It's realizing you still have more to fight." - Rtas 'Vadum

Welcome to HaloStory!

This is the place to go if you're seeking discussion related to the Halo universe crafted by Bungie and cared for by 343 Industries. Feel free to discuss your thoughts on anything and everything Halo.

Remember, this subreddit is for the discussion of lore. Some topics may be opinion, so we ask that you respect the posters opinion and debate as you see fit, but do not resort to flaming.

Please read the rules before posting

  1. All discussion must be related to the Halo universe

  2. Spoilers must be properly tagged and are in effect for 3 months following a new release

  3. No low effort posts. This includes posts that have half finished titles and/or are clickbait.

  4. Remain kind and courteous

  5. Posting fan fiction / fan creations is not allowed

  6. Self-promotion is to be done in an infrequent and quality manner

Reading order for the novels

Halo Universe Timeline

Spoiler format:

[Spoiler Warning](#s "Spoiling Content")

Will look like:

> Spoiler Warning

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