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Welcome to /r/hardcore- a subreddit dedicated to hardcore music!

Please take a moment to read our posting guidelines!


* "Hardcore" is sometimes thought of as a broad genre- it has been used to describe many different kinds of music (in varying levels of accuracy). Please note that while we welcome diversity in musical taste with open arms, /r/hardcore is based on the "hardcore" punk that originated in the late 1970s. Feel free to post about the band if you think may toe the line, but please don't be offended if we direct you to a more suitable subreddit. Check out our friends and family section and see if your post will fit in more comfortably in one of them.

* If you're new to Hardcore and want to get some recommendations for new bands, please visit the stickied thread for an amazing tool made by the guys over at hate5six. They've encompassed a lot of different bands and offshoots of Hardcore, and there is definitely something new for everyone on there.

* News and discussion are encouraged! Posts without any additional information (tour dates/personal opinions etc) are perfectly fine and won't get removed, but aren't exactly the most exciting of content. On a related note, we all love new music and love it being shared here, but we've all heard Bane, Have Heart, Trapped Under Ice and so on. Unless it's new material please try and refrain from just karma whoring bands that everyone knows. Variety is the spice of life!

* While it can't be said for all bands, Hardcore at it's core is DIY genre, with many bands putting releases out themselves or through independent labels that aren't exactly raking in the cash. Posting links to pirated content will result in the link being removed and a possible ban if the user is seen to be frequently doing it. Discussing leaked albums is totally fine, but any and all links to them will be removed.

* Use of hate speech or racial, sexual, or religious slurs is not allowed. If someone uses this kind of language towards you, please report it. This is a bannable offence.

* Please do not submit low effort image posts- examples of good image posts are concert fliers, or photo albums of original photography from a recent concert. This is a music subreddit primarily and while your tattoo may be pretty cool, see what /r/tattoos thinks of it instead. Same with pictures of your favourite record, etc. In order to give music and discussion posts better visibility, image macro, reaction gifs or whatever, and other meme posts are not allowed.

* Due to the amount of porn posts that we get, our spam filter is a little more relentless than other boards. If you post something, be it a new post or just a comment, please refresh the thread and see if it's posted. If not, shoot us a message below and we'll sort it out.



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