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The official Hat Films subreddit!


  • Content must be HatFilms related. Please refrain from posting look-alike pictures, pictures of walruses or other such things that require little effort to "create" and post. Fan art, photoshops and anything with a moderate or above amount of effort are fine.
  • Follow Reddiquette
  • Please check the FAQ for answers to questions before posting.
  • Treat each other with respect.
  • Do not advertise.
  • Do not post personal information.
  • No Spoilers in post titles.
  • Do not post current (less than 2 months old) videos from the channel.
  • Please credit the artist creator in the TITLE and then link to the creators page in the comments.
  • Moderator discretion will be used in all cases, and Moderators reserve the right to handle things not covered by these rules on a case by case basis.

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Extra Information

  • Chris Trott is a prick.
  • Please use spoiler tags where appropriate.
  • To use a spoiler tag simply put your text in square brackets and (/spoiler) after it.
  • So, to not spoil: Chris Trott is a prick [Chris Trott is a prick](/spoiler)

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