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Food for health and healthy cooking

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This subreddit is for content relevant to Healthy Food and Healthy Cooking.

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Subreddit Rules

See the subreddit rules wiki page for a complete list of subreddit rules. They include;

  • NEW (June 2017): No dietary activism for or against any diet - Being a diet fan is fine. Being a jerk fan of a diet is not. Being a jerk anti-diet fan is not. If you wish to avoid being banned, then DO NOT;

    • engage disrespectfully towards other diets / beliefs
    • downvote due to someone's diet preference
    • promote or argue ethics and morals - Posts and comments along these lines will be removed because they are often intended to be inflammatory and are always off topic from the focus of this subreddit which is healthful aspects of food. Ethics and morals do not change the nutritional aspects of whatever it is that is consumed.
    • violate reddiquette - especially when discussing diet based beliefs make sure you talk TO the other person, not ABOUT the other person, and not DOWN to the other person
    • promote diet absolutism - your favorite diet is not the only healthy one nor is it "the best" so don't present it that way. You CAN say "it is best for me" and explain why. You can explain that your favorite diet emphasizes some facet of nutrition (as long as it actually and provably does by a consensus).
    • make specious claims - claiming a diet cures a chronic disease is not allowed. Saying it "can control the symptoms of" is fine if that is the case
    • engage in pitchforking or brigading - do not engage in these type behaviors towards this subreddit or posts therein
    • bias whine - in any form is a problem but "I'm downvoted because I eat (name diet)" especially is just shit stirring and playing martyr
    • excessively advertise a diet based subreddit - feel free to talk about your favorite diet but only advertise the sub for it in no more than 1/10 of your activity
  • Posts should be made to inform or facilitate discussion. Any posts with the intent to self-promote, sell products or services, or are appeals for money / funding will most likely be removed.

  • No YouTube links allowed. Please use /r/FoodVideos instead
  • Do NOT post links to anything you are affiliated with to the front page of the subreddit. This includes your own works/article/blog/site/youtube channel/etc. Instead, use the weekly Self-Promotion Safe Zone post to inform our readers about the latest news on your site/works. See the subreddit rules for additional info and options.
  • Topics which are not food or cooking related may be removed. Pills are not food.
  • Posts and comments making specious claims may be removed, "cures cancer" for example.

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see our wiki page listing food related subreddits for many more links

Our focus is on healthy food and healthy cooking. That covers a large number of topics but not everything.

|For this topic|you might want to use| |:--|:--| |Supplements|/r/Supplements| |Alternative health|/r/AlternativeHealth| |Exercise| /r/Exercise /r/LowImpact /r/Fitness or /r/Workout|


Reddit's Medical Information Disclaimer

The people you interact with here may or may NOT be medical professionals or nutrition experts. Opinions from anonymous people on the internet should be treated with extreme care. YOUR DOCTOR is the best first step when seeking expertise regarding your health.

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