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NSFW Artwork Wallpapers & Goodies. Hide the Children and Abandon Your Innocence

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Welcome to the HVA, also known as my magnificent online collection of illustrated erotic art. I post the NSFW artwork wallpapers & goodies that I make, the lovely erotic artwork & animated videos that I like and other stuff that I find seductively interesting.

Check the comment for any relevant information about each post (such as artist links or character identification).

Feel free to the visit my Warmaiden's Secret website for packs of erotic illustration wallpapers and other lovely NSFW artwork goodies. I'm also on Twitter and Facebook if you really want to try and stalk me.

You can click on the following filters to search for particular NSFW goodies.

Wallpapers: I make wallpapers for 16:9 ratio (HD) and 16:10 ratio (Widescreen) displays.
Artwork: very lovely illustrations for the erotic senses.
Video: lovely animated NSFW scenes from various films, videogames, visual-motion novels, etc. You can filter these videos by hentai anime scenes or erotic animation scenes.
GIFs: short erotic animation clips that I make and/or find on the Internet.
Collections: packs of erotic Twitter header photos, Facebook cover photos, avatars and/or wallpapers.

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