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Fans of the Hitman Franchise

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Subreddit dedicated to the Hitman Franchise.

Please read the general FAQ and the HITMAN FAQ before posting.


>####Rule 1 - Follow Reddiquette > Follow the Reddiquette.

>####Rule 2 - Respect IO-I Staff > We have IO-Interactive employees floating around. Please treat them with respect. They are here on their own behalf.

>####Rule 3 - Flair your Thread. > Keep things clean and neat by adding a flair to your thread.

>####Rule 4 - Use the Search Function before creating a thread. > Please use the Search Function to make sure your question has not been answered before. Do not create separate topics just to ask one question or post your comments. Make use of the stickied Mega-Threads instead.

>####Rule 5 - Spam, Self Promotion & Piracy. > Spam & Self Promotion is hard to define, and as a result will be removed on a case to case basis. The basis of /r/hitman moderation's definition of what defines spam & self-promotion can be found on Reddit's own wiki on the two subjects. Moderation relating to piracy is also a similar situation.

>####Rule 6 - Low-Effort, Off-topic & Let's Play posts. > This rule is enforced as a way to ensure quality content. If you feel that your topic/post has been wrongfully removed, please contact the moderators.

>####Rule 7 - MEGA-THREAD Rule. > When a Mega-Thread is present, posts outside that thread relating to that specific discussion will be removed.


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