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High Quality .gifs

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Hey O

This subreddit is for original high-quality gifs and associated help requests. Show off your new gifs, and see what other redditors have been working on.

But hey! None of that Tumblr business around here.

Check out the history of Gif Battles!


  1. All gifs must be high-quality gifs. That's the name of the subreddit, so our hands are tied. We hope you understand. Please review our criteria here: /r/HighQualityGifs/wiki/submission_criteria

  2. Please only post gifs that you made yourself. Attempting to pass off someone else's content as your own will result in post removal and may result in a ban. The only exception to this rule is /u/ifindkarma. He can post whatever he wants and is above the law.

  3. All criticism in the comments section must be constructive. Complaints about gif quality or meta gifs will be removed, and you may be banned as a result. Our users spend a lot of time making these gifs. Be nice to them. There's room for gifs of all kinds here.

  4. Please don't make more than two posts within a 24-hour period. Put multiple gifs into an album. If you post too often, you may get a temporary ban.

  5. Direct links are required, meaning that the URL must end in ".gif, .gifv, .webm, .mp4" etc. For gfycat webm links, use the format, do not include .webm

  6. Please tag NSFW posts when appropriate. No nudity, no gifs from porn videos, and no real-life gore.

  7. Personal attacks, racism, bigotry, homophobia, witch hunts, etc will not be tolerated.

  8. We do not allow participation of users from hatereddits that ban due to actions in other subreddits.

  9. Requests for gif-making help/advice are encouraged. Blank frames? Strange frame rate? We can help.

  10. Made a new gif for /r/reactiongifs? /r/gifs? /r/mylittlepony? Post it here too! (maybe skip the pony gifs).

  11. This is not a super serious sub. We are all trying to have fun here. If you want to come to this place just to be a dick you will be banned. The submitters here are going out of their way to make content for the world for free, remember that. If you act like a dick you will be banned.


For good gif-making tutorials, see the sidebars of these subreddits:

Making gifs in Photoshop?

Making gifs in After Effects? Upvote gifs?

Making cinemagraphs or looping gifs in After Effects?

Making nothing and you're bored? Looking to continue being bored?

Like r/BigMurph26, but just too many waterfalls?

For any other questions, feel free to post a request for help.


Come talk to the gif creators on Discord! Chit chat, get to know us, and even ask us for gif advice if you're getting started!


  • /r/GifTournament

  • /r/reactiongifs

  • /r/makemeagif

  • /r/FullMovieGifs

  • /r/upvotegifs

  • /r/Gifs

  • /r/Gif

  • /r/GifAlbums

  • /r/SFWPornGifs

  • /r/GifBattles

  • /r/dashcamgifs

  • /r/highlightgifs

  • /r/hiphopgifs

  • /r/DubbedGifs

  • /r/GifTutorials

  • /r/startrekgifs

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