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Hillary Clinton For Prison 2017: WHERE IT BELONGS

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Yes, CTR is real and is now called "ShareBlue"

Message the Moderators

Get It To Jail:

Note: "It" refers to Hillary Clinton.

This sub is for everyone who wants to keep Crooked Hillary out of the Oval Office and have her face justice.

We welcome Sanders supporters whose own campaign and sub won't go negative on It, and we welcome Trump supporters who are already fighting It. Everyone else with at least half a brain who doesn't want another corrupt Clinton for President should agree Hillary Clinton belongs in Prison.

Remember: Putting It behind bars is fun!


>Name|Date >:--|:-- >Cybersecurity Auditor and Consultant|


  1. Don't fight the candidates running/ran against It. We're already fighting a significant evil here, we'll have to do it together.

  2. No trolling against the sub (but troll It all you want from here).

  3. No racism or anti-semitism.

  4. No concern trolling. Message the mods, not the mob, with suggestions for improvements.

  5. Don't ask for upvotes. Post content that deserves upvotes instead.

  6. No doxxing or brigading. Post screenshots from other subs, not links - make sure to hide any personal info.

  7. Don't advertise your sub by using "x-post from ...". We don't care.


  • Please try to avoid being sexist. Refer to Hillary with gender-neutral pronouns: It and Its.

  • Use if possible; it's for the better of this prison.

  • Have fun!

Additional Resources:

> - Hillary For Prison Discord

> - Hillary Clinton's Greatest Scandals

> - The Legal Case Against Hillary

> - Complete Timeline of Email Scandal

> - Lets Correct The Fucking Record Series

> - Full text search of Podesta Email attachments

> - MOST Damaging Wikileaks

> - Top leaked emails sorted by category

Candidate Subs:

> - Trump supporters: /r/The_Donald

> - Bernie supporters: /r/SandersForPresident

> - Jill Stein supporters: /r/jillstein

> - Gary Johnson supporters: /r/GaryJohnson

Other Notable Subs:

> - /r/TheNewRight

> - /r/DNCleaks

> - /r/TheRecordCorrected

> - /r/Our_Politics

> - /r/HillarysHealth

> - /r/WayOfTheBern

> - /r/Kossacks_for_Sanders

> - /r/SorosForPrison

> - /r/POTUSWatch


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