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The meltdown of HIllary supporters

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A place to share the epic meltdowns of Hillary Clinton supporters. Post meltdowns of Hillary supporting media personalities, friends and family, celebrities fellow redditors and more. The meltdown doesn't have to be related to the 2016 election even though that is where many of the best meltdowns are found. Posts to Hillary Meltdown should be featuring people who were likely supporters of Hillary in the 2016 election.



Please observe all normal reddit rules with special attention to:

1. No revealing personal information. Block out all names (excluding public figures) and other personally identifiable information. This includes reddit usernames.

2. No vote manipulation or brigading.

3. No spamming or trolling.

4. Don't try to create meltdowns of liberals in order to post them, there are more than enough meltdowns to go around as it is.

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