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For alternate history, historical, and whatif conjecture!

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Posting and Commenting Rules (more details are here):

  1. "Yes, And!" Please read questions charitably. Try not to shoot down posts too much. If there's a way to read the question that allows an interesting answer, go for it.

  2. Keep it historical. Questions should be set in the past, so no current events (6 years is a nice limit), and they should not require magic or time-travel to occur. Offer context if you can.

  3. Be civil. Don't insult people, don't correct spelling or grammar, and don't feed trolls - report them instead.

  4. No low-effort posts, which means answers should be more than single-sentence replies. It also means no image macros, no bots, no joke-only posts, etc. and no personal politics, conspiracism, snark, etc.

  5. Use the [Geography] tag to indicate points of divergence based on different landscapes. Use the [DBWI] tag to signify double blind what-ifs. Use the [Challenge] tag for posts where you're asking how something could have happened different rather than what if it happened differently.

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