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Dark Souls Debauchery

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Be kind to each other. Follow the rules. 720 behind the back parry your enemies.

This subreddit welcomes any and all Soulsborne content, with an emphasis on the brave, the daring, and most of all- the ridiculous.

Submission Guidelines:

  • No. Spam.

  • Be respectful.

  • Give credit where credit is due.

  • Crossposting allowed. (refer to the previous bullet).

  • Tag original content as such.

  • Tag Spoilers as such.

  • Tag NSFW content as such.

Comment/Reply Guidelines:

  • No. Spam. (x2)

  • Respect others' opinions.

  • The downvote arrow is not a disagree button.

  • No ASCII images.

  • No brigading.

  • No doxxing.

  • Preserve anonymity at all times.

  • Tag Spoilers as such.

  • Tag NSFW content as such.

Existence Guidelines:

  • Praise the Sun.

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