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HoleWreckers: Women with loose morals and even looser holes <3

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/r/HoleWreckers is dedicated to girls who know that bigger is better and just can't help themselves!

Pictures, videos, and stories about girls who simply can't stop pushing at the edges of their own limits- it's all welcome here!

When we say big, we mean big - like width of someone's wrist big... with obvious exceptions for smaller toys in stuff like pee-hole play videos :)

(Clarification: posts involving toys smaller than wrist-wide is acceptable, but only as long as it's obvious a good time was being had! So just avoid 'porn star reluctantly agrees to take 5 fingers' stuff and we're good :)

<Obvious rule about no underage stuff here>, anything else... we'll make up the rules as we need them. Sound alright, guys?

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/r/BadDragon (this one is more related to some of the toys used for serious stretching)

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