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HomeNetworking, community based networking help

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Please use the search function to look for keywords related to what you want to ask before posting since most common issues have been answered.

If you can't find what you're looking for with the search function please feel free to post a new question after reading the posting guidelines

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Please flair your posts as Solved, Unsolved, or simply Advice.

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Trusted user flair has been added as a means of verification that a user has a substantial knowledge of networking.

To obtain trusted flair for your account please message the mods of /r/HomeNetworking with the following info;

  • Permalink to a comment you made in the last 6 months, helping someone in the community

  • Your highest level of industry certification, or highest IT related job title held in the last 5 years


There have been some excellent guides written in this sub, and we're always looking for more!

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