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Amateur Homemade Porn

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|RULES/NOTES| |-| 1. 18+ Only Reminder featuring minors. 2. NO Pics, Gifs or PRO Videos. You may only submit Homemade Porn from a reliable website. 3. Be Respectful to fellow redditors on this sub. Don't Discourage them by Downvoting Unnecessarily. 4. Quality Over Quantity - Few Quality posts are Better than a lot of Substandard and Poor Content. 5. SPAM and excessive links promoting personal videos/websites will not be allowed. Those who do, will be banned from this sub. 6. No "flooding", i.e. limit your submissions to 2-3 per day. 7. Refrain adding X-post in the title and try not to spam in comments. Blatant self promotion is discouraged! 8. Include a Time Tag [00:00] at the end of your Title. 9. NO solo male masturbation videos. ^Sorry ^fellas!

Here is the Whitelist of approved domains for submitting to this Subreddit.

ThePornDude - Amateur Porn Sites

^(The moderators of /r/homemadeporn reserve the right to moderate posts and comments at their discretion, with regard to their perception of the suitability of said posts and comments for this subreddit. Thank you for understanding)

NOTE: If you're going to report something, you MUST leave a comment explaining why, or it will be ignored.

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