Homesmut, For all your plush rumps and horrible fanporn

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Permanent Roleplay Hookup Room on msparp. The official /r/homesmut roleplaying room.

Page Monitor Plug-in for Chrome. Set it to the RP room to be notified whenever someone joins.

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A dedicated subreddit for Pornographic content based off of and around the webcomic "Homestuck" by Andrew Hussie. Mostly as a way to keep this filth off /r/homestuck. Pictures, Fanfics, Roleplaying logs, or any other things your disturbing imaginations have been able to cook up. Other MSPA things and crossovers welcome. Why not.


Strip Pokerstuck: God Tier Style

Strip Pokerstuck 2: Double Down


Buckets go in /r/buckets. This place is for actual porn.

Homestuck conversation and non-porn fan art goes in /r/homestuck

For serious homestuck discussion you should only go to /r/homestuckcirclejerk

For a master list of all Homestuck related subreddits, often out of date, check this thing over here

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