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Homesmut: plush rumps and rumble spheres

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Other subreddits that are apparently a thing: /r/homestuckyaoi and /r/homestuckyuri (Friendly Reminder: /r/homesmut accepts fine smut of all varieties.)

All Nudestuck submissions MUST link to the original source.

Please endeavor to get permission from Nudestuck creators before posting their content, even as a link.

Any submissions can be taken down at the creator's request.

Creators: Just message the mods and we'll be willing to help.

Submitters: If this happens to you, don't be upset. We will not hold it against you, unless you make a habit of posting the same person's stuff. We will let you know if your submission has been removed purposefully.

Don't harass Nudestuckers.

This isn't a place to criticize the looks, identities, or choices of others. Nudestuckers are aware that there's a lot of risk that comes with sharing naked pictures of themselves, and are kind enough to do so regardless. Don't make them regret this.

All characters are assumed to be depicted as being over 18. if the source explicitly says otherwise, mark the link for Removal

Permanent Roleplay Hookup Room on msparp. The official /r/homesmut roleplaying room.

Page Monitor Plug-in for Chrome. Set it to the RP room to be notified whenever someone joins.

^^thanks ^^DakTBC

A dedicated subreddit for Pornographic content based off of and around the webcomic "Homestuck" by Andrew Hussie. Mostly as a way to keep this filth off /r/homestuck. Pictures, Fanfics, Roleplaying logs, or any other things your disturbing imaginations have been able to cook up. Other MSPA things and crossovers welcome. Why not.


Strip Pokerstuck: God Tier Style

Strip Pokerstuck 2: Double Down


Buckets go in /r/buckets. This place is for actual porn.

Homestuck conversation and non-porn fan art goes in /r/homestuck

For serious homestuck discussion you should only go to /r/homestuckcirclejerk

For a master list of all Homestuck related subreddits, often out of date, check this thing over here

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