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Hookers: A Prostitution Forum.

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/r/Hookers is for discussions on anything related to the buying and selling of sex!

This subreddit is for men (and women!) who enjoy the company of prostitutes, hookers, ladies of the night, providers, or whatever you want to call them. Share stories, ask questions, or whatever you want!


  • No comments or posts criticizing sex workers or clients purely based on their participation in sex work.

  • No posts requesting help verifying whether an advertisement, website or agency is real or fake. If you need help on this issue, visit our wiki article on the topic. No, we cannot look up VIP review info on TER/Rubmaps etc.

  • No direct links to advertisements or profiles on Agency sites, TER, Backpage, Craigslist etc. This subreddit is not for advertising, reviewing, or promoting specific sex workers, or agencies. To make life easier for the moderators, we have a blanket filter on URLs for most of the review sites.

  • From a practical standpoint, we are an international community, so provider reviews or requests for info are really not that useful to the community. Please consult your local review board for suggestions. Threads asking for specific provider, brothel or agency tips for a location will be deleted.

  • No bad legal advice. An agreement to exchange sex for money does not need to be explicit to support a conviction for solicitation of prostitution. "Is this a sting?" posts will be deleted.

  • If you are worried about the risks of sexually transmitted infections, please consult a medical professional. Talking about your personal experience going for a test is OK, but any requests for diagnosis or advice on risk will be removed. You will feel a lot less anxious after an all clear.

  • We are not here to hold your hand (for free). If you are new to this, use the search box before asking questions. If you are asking for advice, or a 'how to' checklist, or a push on the back, without any sign of doing research, you will be at the mercy of the mods. Do or do not, there is no try.

  • Any posts about obtaining sexual services without negotiated consent, or through coercion or deception will earn a ban. This includes discussion of the use of hidden cameras.

  • We encourage you to share your experiences, both good and bad, but this is not a place for erotic, sexual novels; nor is it a place for glorified/anecdotal reviews.

Please ask questions if you have any!

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Note: The topics of this sub-reddit are of a sexual nature and the views expressed here are not endorsed by Reddit or any of its advertisers.

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