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Hot Wife Requests

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Welcome to /r/HotWifeRequests! We are happy to have you here. This subreddit is a personal ad subreddit for the HotWife Lifestyle. Before making your first post we do however want you to read over this information really quick.

What is a Hotwife?

A Hotwife is a person who is allowed to engage in sexual encounters with others with the PERMISSION of their spouse/significant other. There is no cheating involved here because the spouse/significant other is fully aware of the actions that are being performed and are approved/encouraged. A Hotwife is also just a general term, we don't discriminate against gender or sexual orientation, so feel free to be a Hotwife no matter what your lifestyle is!


  1. Titles must be free of the following symbols: "#", "[", "]", "(", ")", "{", "}". Posts must also not contain any phrases that our found in our flair system. If they do they will be removed by the automoderator. Please use the flair system to indicate what you are looking for, do not type it in the title.
  2. Provide only as much information as your comfortable with.
  3. Be Respectful.
  4. Do not post personal contact information in comments or posts. Due to the large influx of usernames posted in submissions and comments. Mentioning a chat platform will result in an automatic removal.
  5. No photos or videos from unverified users. No content swapping posts. No posts requesting videos/photos.
  6. No "Online Only" or "Just Chatting" posts. Please see /r/HotWifeLifestyle
  7. Honesty is the best policy.

Additional Information:

  1. Verification is highly encouraged. Please make a VERIFY ME! post or message the mod team. To be verified please make an Imgur Album with three photos from three different angles with your Reddit Username, /r/HotWifeRequests and today's date written on a index card. You do not have to be nude in your verification photos.

  2. We highly encourage SUCCESS! posts. Please tell your story. If you are a verified user, please feel free to include an album or any videos of the encounter you are comfortable sharing with the community.

  3. Please be careful of whom you hand over your personal contact information over too.

  4. You can make a META post if you want. We would love to hear your thoughts about the community, the subreddit, the rules or how the moderators are behaving. However, be constructive with your post. If you are just bashing, trash talking, or otherwise being a bad boy or girl, we will remove the post.

Please see our wiki which has a more detailed description of our rules, helpful posting tips, links to success posts, "lifestyle" related relationship advice, and more.

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