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Humanoid Encounters

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Please take a moment to make yourself aware of the rules:

  • Please, no fiction. We know these stories are 98% unverifiable, but we want to keep an open mind that these encounters really happened to these people and want to hear what they have to say. We sometimes do take a lighthearted approach to some reports, but we feel they are no less important than the more serious ones. Feel free to post the source of your material if you'd like, it's not a requirement, though. If you want fiction, try /r/nosleep.
  • Discussion threads are allowed, just keep it on topic.
  • Only threads pertaining to actual humanoid encounters are allowed. Please, no stories or videos of "Top 5" UFO Encounters and anything similar are allowed unless humanoids are involved.
  • UFOs with humanoids in the story or video are welcome.
  • No misleading titles.
  • Pictures, sketches and diagrams are allowed.
  • Please, be kind to each other. Any insults, name calling and cruelty are grounds for an automatic ban. So debate in a civil tone.
  • Please Flair your posts after submitting an encounter.
  • Encounters from other sites and subs are allowed to be posted here, as long as the site is a paranormal, humanoid, cryptid or UFO type site. Yes, they can be someone else's encounter.
  • You must follow the general rules of Reddit and Reddiquette!

















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