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Hunger Games: News and Discussion

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This community is devoted to The Hunger Games Trilogy, a young adult fiction series by Suzanne Collins and the film adaptations by Color Force & Lionsgate

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Quick Rules

  • Tag all spoilers (see spoiler guide on below)
  • Flair your post (if reasonable)
  • Keep content Hunger Games related
  • Follow reddiquette
  • No advertising or piracy
  • Be friendly, participatory, and have fun

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Easy Spoiler Guide

Define scope in your post title like this

Question about Peeta [Spoilers MJ]

Tag book spoilers like this in comments

[warning scope](/b "your text")

to make HG

Tag speculation spoilers like this in comments

[warning scope](/s "your text")

to make Katniss Theory

Accidentally put a spoiler in your post title?

Set your post flair to Spoilers in Title

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