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A Hungry Butt is a Happy Butt

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Share and enjoy pictures of big butts, small butts, flat butts, or round butts. As long as there is some material (underwear, skirt, yoga pants, etc.) tucked into the butt, it belongs here!

*If you're interested exclusively in GW style postings, check out /r/hungrybuttsGW


  • Do not post pictures of men (eww..)
  • Do not post pictures of extreme wedgies. If that's what you're looking for, I suggest /r/wedgiegirls
  • Altered images have their place on the internet, but that place is not here. Please do not post photoshopped images here. If you believe a post to be photoshopped, please say so and, if possible, provide a link to the original image for clarification.
  • If your image redirects to anywhere like Badoink, it will be removed. Direct links or IMGUR is preferred. If I am redirected when clicking a link, it will be removed.
  • Be nice.

*Depending on situation, violation of rules will result in a warning or temporary ban. Insulting GW posters will result in a permanent ban.

Examples of content that will be removed

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