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Hybrid Animals: Just like normal animals, only not

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Create new animals by combining species with each other and/or with any other stuff you find appropriate.

Posting Rules/Guidelines

I. Photoshop and drawings are both fine.

II. Merging animals with non-animals is fine.

III. If you are submitting OC, give your animal a name. If you want, add [OC] to the title.

IV. If you are not submitting OC, attempt to give credit to its original creator. Select the “Not OC” flair after submitting.

V. Reposts will most likely be removed. This subreddit is mainly for OC.

VI. Any reposted OC from this subreddit and frequent reposts/jokes (e.g., platypus = beaverduck) will be removed.

VII. Submit requests as text posts.

Weekly Battles

Each week there is a battle where the winner gets a special crown flair for the week, their image featured in the sidebar, and they get to choose the next week's animal. Also a chance to win gold if you get enough upvotes. For more info, check the latest thread by /u/HybridAnimalBattles.

All of the previous battle winners can be found in this megathread.

Flair For OC Creators and Battles

= Current weekly battle winner

= 5-9 submissions

= 10-14 submissions

= 15-19 submissions

Custom flair for 20+ submissions

Message us when you have enough.

Need inspiration? Try the random animal generator.

Want to participate, but don't have photoshop? Get GIMP.

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