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Date|Time|Person|Description :-:|:-:|:-:|:-: 19 Apr|10am|Creators of FleetWit|Trivia gaming 19 Apr|1pm|Kate Briquelet|reporter at The Daily Beast 19 Apr|2pm|Mary Lou Zeeman|Mathematician 19 Apr|2pm|Cory Doctorow|Author, Activist: Fix the DCMA! Jailbreak All the Things! 20 Apr|11am|Sara Anderson|I’m Sara Anderson, an anxiety specialist. 20 Apr|2pm|Luisa Kroll|The Forbes Billionaire's List 22 Apr|10am|Matt Duesterberg|CEO of OhmConnect - Energy Sharing Company 23 Apr|5:30pm|Jonah Sachs|storyteller, author, and entrepreneur 24 Apr|10am|Ramesh Ferris|Polio Survivor and Advocate 24 Apr|1pm|Ken Ilgunas|Author: This Land Is Our Land 25 Apr|12pm|Hunt Ethridge|Relationship Expert, Dating Coach, Matchmaker 26 Apr|1pm|Ariel Goldberg|Manager of Recruitment at Nickelodeon Animation 28 Apr|2pm|Jake Hanrahan|Journalist and filmmaker focused on irregular warfare. 29 Apr|9pm|Matt Hall|Red Bull Air Race Pilot 3 May|3pm|Ross Raisin|Author: God's Own Country, A Natural, Waterline

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> 9 Apr > Former CIA Case Officer Military > >

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