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Date|Time|Person|Description :-:|:-:|:-:|:-: 19 Feb|5pm|Jason Matthews|Former CIA officer and author of RED SPARROW 20 Feb|11am|Semyon Filippov|PhD in physics & designer of battery-free bike lights 20 Feb|12:30pm|Chris Hughes|Author, Co-Founder of Facebook 20 Feb|1pm|Simon Whistler / Daven Hiskey|Hosts of the TodayIFoundOut YouTube Channel (and more) 20 Feb|2pm|Linnea Crowther and Maureen O'Donnell|Professional Obituary Writers 20 Feb|2:30pm|Meredith Sleichter|Eisenhower Foundation, Executive Director
20 Feb|5pm|Johnny Bananas|Winner of The Challenge 21 Feb|12pm|Neal Moore|Author: Down the Mississippi: A Modern-day Huck Finn 21 Feb|2pm|Jonathan Park|Democratic Candidate for Congress- Virginia's 11th District 21 Feb|2pm|Sandro Manfredini and Amiliton Diesel|Developers of Horizon Chase Turbo 22 Feb|11am|Lynne Canavan - Open Fog Consortium|Fog Computing Experts 1 Mar|12pm|Nordland, Cyrax, Bob, Tom and Brandon|Nutaku Games: Adult Gaming Platform 2 Mar|3pm|Miguel de Icaza|Started Mono and Xamarin, building Microsoft developer tools 4 Mar|12pm|Fake Taxi Creator|The Creator of the world famous Fake Taxi 8 Mar|2pm|Oksana Malysheva, Kelly Ernst, Sonya Petcovich|<span width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="4"><span valign="top">Female Founders: Sputnik ATX, Redenim, Meowtel</span></span>&nbsp

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