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Date|Time|Person|Description :-:|:-:|:-:|:-: 23 Feb|12pm|Freddie Highmore and Kerry Ehrin|Stars of Bates Motel 23 Feb|1pm|Eila Adams & Kat Curtis|Naked News Anchors 23 Feb|2pm|Gary Taubes|Science Journalist 23 Feb|5pm|Colin Pereira and Tom Lowenthal of the Committee to Protect Journalists|A safety specialist, and a staff technologist at CPJ 24 Feb|2pm|Tim Wu|Author, "Father" of Net Neutrality 24 Feb|3pm|Obsidian Entertainment|The Design and Publishing Team 24 Feb|4pm|Shauna Shames|Author: Out of the Running 27 Feb|2pm|Phil Dalton, Matt Gordon, Fred Kaufman|Producers of Nature's Spy in the Wild 27 Feb|2pm|CJ Adams, Lucas Dixon|Chief Scientist and Product Manager at Jigsaw 27 Feb|4pm|Lynn Walsh, Andrew Seaman, and Gideon Grudo of SPJ|President & FOIA/Ethics chairs at Society of Pro Journalists 28 Feb|1pm|Lee Hrenchuk, Vince Palace, Ken Sandilands|Scientists at Canada's IISD Experimental Lakes Area 1 Mar|4pm|Tyler Smith, Missy Smith|Sjogren's Syndrome Design Contest 1 Mar|6pm|Larry Wilson|Screenwriter: Beetlejuice 2 Mar|3pm|Robin Esrock|Author, Nat Geo/Travel Channel TV Host 2 Mar|6pm|Rachel Day|Peace Corps 8 Mar|3pm|Scott H. Biram|Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist 12 Mar|1pm|David Gurgenidze|Chess composer 15 Mar|2pm|Phoenix Labs|Indie Video Game Developer

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