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Date|Time|Person|Description :-:|:-:|:-:|:-: 11 Dec|10am|Allison Bishop|computer science professor and children's book author 11 Dec|2pm|Becky Cloonan|writer, illustrator, cartoonist 11 Dec|4pm|John Tye|Whistleblower and lawyer representing whistleblowers 11 Dec|8pm|Jared Polis|Representative Jared Polis-Net Neutrality fight ISN'T over 12 Dec|11am|Lee McQueen|Independent U.S. House candidate, AR Dist 4 12 Dec|1pm|eHealth Team|First Online Health Exchange 12 Dec|1:30pm|Ayah Bdeir|Inventor, CEO of littleBits 13 Dec|2pm|Mohamad Tayba|Alliant Credit Union’s Fraud Manager 13 Dec|2pm|Maia Christopher, Karen Baker, Michael Seto|Sexual Abuse Perpetration 13 Dec|4pm|Ted Eisenberg|Plastic surgeon Guinness World Record for most augmentations 14 Dec|12pm|Steve Winter|National Geographic Photographer 19 Dec|2pm|Eric McCormack, Brad Wright|Eric, Travelers, Will & Grace. Brad, Creator Travelers, SG-1 20 Dec|2pm|ABCs and Rice (Tammy, Huok, Jess, and Justin)|Team that runs a non-profit school in Cambodia 25 Dec|2pm|Douglas Laux|Former CIA Case Officer

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Anti-Poaching Pilot/IT Guy Specialized Profession > > ># > 27 Jul > Vacuum Repair Man Specialized Profession > > ># > 8 Jun > Plastic Surgeon Medical > > ># > 5 Jul > NASA Juno Project Science >

> 9 Apr > Former CIA Case Officer Military > >

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