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Date|Time|Person|Description :-:|:-:|:-:|:-: 24 Apr|12pm|Biglaw Investor|Biglaw Associate that's paid off $200,000 of student loans 24 Apr|12pm|Daniel Suarez|Author Daniel Suarez: Change Agent, Daemon, Kill Decision 24 Apr|1pm|Fred Penner|Legendary children's entertainer 25 Apr|2pm|Emily Calandrelli|Science TV Show Host 25 Apr|5pm|Freddie Wong, Matt Arnold, Will Campos, Dez Dolly|The creators of the new sci-fi anthology show Dimension 404 26 Apr|1pm|Carla K. Johnson, Alicia Chang|AP Medical Writers 26 Apr|2pm|Phoenix Labs|Indie Video Game Developer 27 Apr|9am|Jimmy Wales|You know, the wiki guy 27 Apr|1pm|Rachel B. Tiven|CEO, Lambda Legal 27 Apr|2pm|Ethan Nadelmann|Founder and Executive Director, Drug Policy Alliance 27 Apr|7pm|Brady Held|Forensic Animator 28 Apr|11am|Scott Stelmaschuk|Festival Coordinator - Yorkton Film Festival 28 Apr|1pm|Anthony Del Col|Comic Book Writer of Nancy Drew/HardyBoys & Assassins Creed 28 Apr|2pm|Jamie Purviance|Grill Master/Cookbook Author for Weber Grills 28 Apr|7pm|Hyperloop One Engineers|Meet the team from Hyperloop One 3 May|12pm|Marilyn Geewax, Peter Overby, Alina Selyukh|NPR reporters covering Trump's conflicts of interest 8 May|10am|Kevin Bales|Professor of Contemporary Slavery 8 May|8pm|Anna Akana|Actress and Entertainer

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