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I Changed

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"To encourage active progress, instead of just talking about it."

Did you make a beneficial change to the world, yourself, an institution, business, or club, the environment, a community, or anything else that could use changing? Did you clean up a park, help a friend in need, or just discover within yourself how to be a nicer person? Share your story with us and help us learn how to change the world for the better in a way that really matters. If you want to make a change but don't know how to start, come here for advice. Learn whom to contact and what to do to get your ideas implemented!

Please avoid arguing political or religious points here.


  • Make your title specific and interesting.

  • iC = I changed

  • Include details about how you changed (or why you don't want to say it).

  • Pics can make the story more interesing.

  • Support each other =)

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