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It's Just A Prank, Bro!

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Posting guidelines:

> Post videos that involve people being idiots and yelling "it's a prank" (preferably when they receive some sort of retribution).


  • Videos containing someone physically acting out a "prank" on someone else. Usually when the "prankster" claims that whatever he's doing, no matter how ridiculous, is a prank to egg someone on to the point of physical assault.

  • Meta and parody videos are welcomed also as long as they are relevant to the sub's premise.


  • Blatantly obvious fake videos that aren't parodies.

  • Compilations videos

  • Harmless pranks that don't hurt anyone

  • Self promoting for more views


  • Vlogs

  • Social Experiments

  • Kissing "pranks"

  • Text posts that don't refer to a meta subject (no personal stories/prank stories)

  • Videos of prank phone calls/ Online trolling/ Video games

  • Spam will get you permanently banned

  • Funny Pranks that are in good spirit

  • Personal information such as: Phone numbers, email addresses, screenshots that contain personal information and websites that link to the personal info of others.


  • No pornographic "pranks" or ones that involve intense gore

  • Please try not to repost. Videos that have been posted to /r/ITSAPRANK in the last 6 months will be deleted. Use Karma Decay to check and see if your video has been posted before.

  • Please familiarize yourself with Reddiquette. Let's keep this a friendly place to gather and laugh at how stupid people can be.

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