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r/iceland: Stuðningshópur Íslendinga á reddit

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Welcome to /r/Iceland! — We are a community of locals and expats alike discussing news, politics, culture and Icelandic life in general.

r/Iceland er stuðningshópur Íslendinga á reddit; félagsskapur karla og kvenna sem samhæfa reynslu sína, styrk og vonir svo að þau megi leysa sameiginlegt vandamál sitt og séu fær um að hjálpa öðrum frá því böli sem fylgir þjóðerninu. Höfuðtilgangur okkar er að þrauka og að styðja aðra Íslendinga til hins sama.

House Rules

  1. Tourism-related content is generally not accepted
  2. No racism, xenophobia, discrimination or bullying
  3. Follow good reddiquette
  4. No low-quality or irrelevant content
  5. No research questionnaire
  6. No translation requests or language questions
  7. No shill or "public relations"
  8. Search before asking
  9. No sockpuppet accounts or trolling
  10. Link directly to the original content (see the rules page for FB content)

More details on rules are on the rules page.

Nordic Friends

Visiting Iceland?

There are other communities more suitable for your tourism-related questions and to find information. Try /r/VisitingIceland to post your questions and /r/Island and /r/IcelandPics to post pictures and videos.

Learning Icelandic?

Check out /r/LearnIcelandic/ if you are interested in learning the Icelandic language. Use /r/translator/ for translation requests.

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