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Idiots Fighting Things

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What to post

Videos, gifs, pictures, etc. of people fighting inanimate objects.

Posts tagged as "Idiots Fighting Things" contain content related to people attempting to fight objects.

Subreddit rules

  • If you submit a NSFW link, please mark it as such (NSFW includes nudity, gore, and sexually explicit content)

  • Scripted accidents from television or movies are not allowed. If an accident is unplanned in an otherwise scripted reality TV show, however, it is fine to submit.

  • Posts must be relevant to the subject.

  • Follow the Reddiquette.

Flair Definitions

Idiot Fighting Things

A post where someone is making an idiot of themselves by fighting or attempting to destroy an inanimate object.

Warning: Blood

A post that involves blood, which some users may find squeamish.

Warning: Broken Bones

A post where the participating idiot break a bone, which some users may find squeamish.

Warning: Gore

A post that involves gore that is considered to be more serious that simply blood or broken bones.


A self-post by any user that addresses the subreddit or its mods.

Mod Post

A self-post where the mods can speak directly to the users of /r/idiotsfightingthings, usually to ask the community questions or address new and/or modified rules.


To filter content by flair, install RES, then go to the settings console by hovering over the gear icon in the top right. Then navigate to the "Filters" section. Under the "flair" subsection, add "Hurt" to filter out posts tagged as "Idiots Getting Hurt" or "Fighting" to filter out posts tagged as "Idiots Fighting Things."

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