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Idiots In Cars

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This subreddit is devoted to the lovable idiots who do hilarious, idiot things in their idiot cars (or trucks, motorcycles, tractors, or other vehicle). We honor them with gifs, videos, images, and laughter.


> 1 /r/IdiotsInCars is meant to be a lighthearted, humorous subreddit. If your post does not contribute to the nature of the sub it will be removed.

> 2 Links to videos, gifs, and pictures only. No articles or stories please. Text posts only if they contribute to the sub in some way.

> 3 Posts must contain an obvious bad decision while in a vehicle, and does not need to result in a crash. Just because there is a car crash does not mean it belongs here.

> 4 Please no links to compilation videos. If you want to post a specific piece from a compilation video make a gif of it.

> 5 NSFW links need a NSFW tag.

> 6 Links with death and/or gore in them don’t belong here. Try a partner subs if your content doesn’t follow this guideline.

> 7 No titles in ALL CAPS. This shouldn't even need to be said. It's just annoying.

> 8 No staged incidents.

> 9 No circle-jerking posts.

> 10 Self posts should contribute to the sub.

> 11 Final say is left to the moderators of the sub.

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