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Where arborists and bronies come together.

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I'd like to be a subredddit.

The result of what happens when you combine r/trees and r/mylittlepony.

My Little Pony just became 20% chiller


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Nopony here but us trees.

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Shoobedoo, shoodoobedoo!

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A support community for people who have decided to stop smoking pot.

68,548 subscribers a community for 7 years, 7 months

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People smoking pot when they want without recrimination? Good. Not being able to stop smoking pot even when you want to? Bad.

This subreddit is for practical discussions about how to stop smoking if you've decided to and support in staying stopped from your fellow leaves.

If you're looking for meetings or additional help try Marijuana Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, or SMART Recovery.

Please note: Our first and most important rule is that we be kind, courteous, and supportive with each other. Even (and maybe especially) people that aren't being kind to us. If someone is breaking this rule, please use the report button and we'll sort it out. Many people come here at the worst point in their lives so far and tempers can be short -- be kind to them and you will get kind back.

Legalization: This group is pot-positive and we have no problems with pot other than the fact that it isn't right for us. That said -- this is a politics-free zone.

There are lots of thoughts on legalization and plenty of places to debate them, but they are a distraction from the mission of this subreddit which is to help people stop smoking.

Please limit your discussions to supporting your fellow leaves. Thanks!

Badges: We get occasional requests for badges -- please see this post:

There is, however, group of /leaves at Chains -- sign up and chart your daily progress with us.

Other things that will be removed:

Posts regarding strategies, wait times, products or anything related to drug testing.

Posts in which the sole subject is tolerance breaks or moderation management. This subreddit is for people who have the intention to quit or are trying to sort out whether they should, not for people who will resume or continue.

Posts discussing or advocating pot substitutes, CBD, or any remedies other than mutual support and the sharing of our experience. There are medications that can help mitigate the effects of quitting or conditions that might have contributed to addiction, but you should get those from a doctor, not an Internet chat group.

Links to outside media -- essays, songs, videos, will be considered on a case-by-case basis, but please understand that they will most (most) likely be removed. These things can be inspiring, but it's better to talk about your inspiration in your own words. Both the writing and the reading are much more helpful to you and everyone.

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Where OC Ents come together

648 subscribers a community for 7 years, 1 month

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A subreddit for denezins of Orange County that wish to discuss local topics of ENTerest.

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SLOTREES | Ents of San Luis Obispo

701 subscribers a community for 7 years, 10 months

last post 35 days ago [+]

Hey everybody, this is the r/trees of San Luis Obispo. Here, like trees, your posts don't necessarily have to be about SLO or trees; That's just where we're from and what we like. Welcome!

Message the mods for whatever flair you would like!

If your post doesn't show up right away, message me, it may have been marked as spam.

Other Subreddits:

Cal Poly



Global Ent Directory

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Toke Spot

4,282 subscribers a community for 4 years, 4 months

last post 6 days ago [+]








Welcome & Rules

Post your favorite toke spots. Discussions about different types of toking locations is encouraged as well. We only have a few rules to keep the sub safe and friendly.

Come chat with us in the /r/trees chatroom!

  • Rule 1: Your photo must be the spot you smoked at. (Preferably with your smoking device included but we're not requiring this yet)

  • Rule 2: Do not ask for hookups (or advice on buying trees) nor meetups. It will get you banned!

  • Rule 3: Reddiquette is an informal expression of the values of many redditors, as written by redditors themselves. Please abide by it the best you can.

  • Rule 4: Given the potential consequences of driving high, inside of moving vehicle toke spots will be removed.

Tree Communities

  • /r/trees

  • /r/DabArt

  • /r/eldertrees

  • /r/vaporents - Anything related to cannabis vapor and vaporizers.

  • /r/HighResTrees

Tree communities by location

  • /r/ausents - Australia

  • /r/uktrees - UK

  • /r/germantrees - Germany

  • /r/entottawa - Ottawa

  • /r/MontrealEnts - Montreal

Get your sub added to the sidebar: Message the moderators.

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/r/trees - home of the ents

1,182,140 subscribers a community for 8 years, 10 months

last post today [+]


> Welcome to /r/Trees!

Please make sure to read the rules before posting.

> The go-to subreddit for anything and everything marijuana.

> Visual Posting Guide (click)

> Offenses may result in a ban. Scroll down to read the Posting Rules.

> /r/Trees is indexed by Karma Decay.

>•º Join us on Discord! º•

>Prefer an old-school chat room? Try our IRC channel (#trees at

> Posting Rules

Remember: the rules change on weekends! See 'The /r/trees Weekend' below.

  1. /r/trees is an 18+ community. If you are under 18, consider posting to /r/saplings instead.
  2. Memes, image macros, screenshots, reaction gifs, and shitposts should be posted on /r/see.
  3. Do not ask for or give exchanges, hookups, meetups, or advice on how to acquire trees, seeds, clones, CBD, or use of Dark Net Markets. This includes general questions and all locations, legal and illegal.
  4. Be respectful to fellow posters – name-calling, rudeness, and trolling are not welcome here.
  5. Link posts must be directly related to cannabis.
  6. Do not post NSFW/porn.
  7. Do not post pictures of tagging/vandalism or make posts about driving while high (Includes pictures where obviously driving while high.)
  8. Do not post about dead people, dead pets, or dead bongs.
  9. All forms of advertising and self-promotion are prohibited. Learn more about advertising on reddit
  10. The mods reserve the right to remove posts at our discretion.

> The /r/Trees Weekend


  • Every Saturday, we relax our rules. Artwork, GIFs, and image macros are all permitted for the day.
  • Not everything goes though: you still can't upload NSFW, ask for hookups/meetups, show disrespect towards other users or advertise anything at all. Read more here. >


  • Every Sunday, you can submit text posts only.
  • This allows for a break from all of the link posts during the week, so the community can share their stories and talk with each other. Naturally, we are less strict regarding the removal of text posts.

> Contact r/trees modteam - polite, concise messages will garner the best results.

> | Type [](#high9) to use

> Activism on /r/Trees


> Students for Sensible Drug Policy

> Marijuana Policy Project

> Donate to NORML

> Support NORML


>####Decriminalize Marijuana Possession In North Carolina

>####Support the Marijuana Justice Act

> - > Click here to message the mods.

What are trees?

> # MENU Related Reddits

> Sort By Flair * under construction Entreddits: Location Specific * US Entreddits * World Entreddits * Social Entreddits: Interest Specific * Veteran Ents * Cannabis Industry * Tree Fans * Music * Ent Gamers * PCMR Ents (Gaming) * Entreddits Social Entreddits: Content Specific * Tree Art * Tree Written Word/Art * Dab Art * Casual Concentrates * Tree Comics * Growing Cannabis * Vaporizer Ents * Stoner Engineering * Cannabis Videos * Munchies & Edibles * Art of Rolling Entreddits: Knowledge * Newbie Ents * Quitting Trees * Growing Cannabis * Vaporizer Ents * Cannabis Extracts * Knowledge and Information * Tree Hardware * Tree Help * Nugs & Growing * Glassheads Entreddits: Other * Tree Business * /r/WeedBiz * WeedStartups * Tree Elders * Tree Ladies ENTertainment * Official TreesRadio * The Trees Network Activism * Trees Activism * /r/timetolegalize * Students for Sensible Drug Policy * /m/TreeForm * Canada - Sensible BC Campaign Chat * TreesChat * ICanHazChat Channel, pw: pineapple /r/trees Twitter

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A place for single ENTs to meet

1,737 subscribers a community for 6 years, 7 months

last post 16 days ago [+]

About /r/treesdating
Enjoying trees and finding like-minded individuals to date can be a difficult thing to do for single Ents. Maybe this subreddit can help a few people find that special person for friendship, a smoking buddy, or even more, good luck Ents and happy Tree felling. :) Rule: 18+ only. Sorry kiddos.

Please be safe! Marijuana is still illegal in most states & countries as stupid as it is to us all. Meet in a public place and I'd highly advise against smoking together the first time. You can always smoke before the meet then once trust is established, smoke til you're zooted. Also try to tell a friend where you are going the first time just as another precaution. Good luck!

Regional Treesdating subreddits
(currently being built 4/25/12)


Tips for posting
As with any type of online dating, you are more likely to succeed here by attaching pictures of yourself, with ent friends doing ent things, etc. There is a great free image hosting site called if you need somewhere to upload your pics to. Also- make use of the search tool above to search cities, states, schools, etc. in this subreddit. Good luck!

A Favorite Ent Quote

"I used to smoke marijuana. But I'll tell you something: I would only smoke it in the late evening. Oh, occasionally the early evening, but usually the late evening - or the mid-evening. Just the early evening, mid-evening and late evening. Occasionally, early afternoon, early mid-afternoon, or perhaps the late-mid-afternoon. Oh, sometimes the early-mid-late-early morning. . . . ...But never at dusk." -Steve Martin

❤ Welcome to /r/treesdating! If you are new, please take a minute to read the sidebar

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