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  1. All submissions must be related to iDubbbz in some way. Current channel trends, memes, jokes - just nothing unrelated.

  2. Don't circlejerk about old Content Cop victims.

  3. No harassing or insulting other users. Just try to be nice.

  4. No submissions that we deem to be pure self-promotion.

  5. Check your post's flair after submission to make sure Automoderator hasn't misinterpreted the content. Also make sure to mark video edits.

  6. The first person to post an iDubbbz video is the winner of the Karma race. Any duplicate posts will automatically be deleted.

  7. With all the recent drama, please keep shitposting to a minimum - this includes short text posts, response videos and sub counters.

  8. Do not post any of Ian's private information. Anyone who does this will be permanently banned from the subreddit.

The moderators will remove any content that does not follow these rules.






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