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Raping SJW's feels since 2011 (/r/ImGoingToHellForThis)

Tasteless "politically incorrect" dark, offensive, & twisted humor of all types is welcome here. Absolutely NOTHING & NOBODY is sacred, taboo, or beyond being joked about.

  • I. We have up and downvotes. Use them! Browse our new links tab and Downvote the lame stuff or the reposted bullshit. Upvote the good new shit. The more "offensive" the better so upvote it!

  • II. This isn't 9gag, post original content Are you not 100% sure it's new to the sub? Then don't post it! Reposts and X-posts are often removed without warning. Screenshots of yours or someone else's "totally edgy" comment that /r/noonegivesashit didn't like will be judged on their worthiness. Please point out, report, and if possible, link to the original that has been reposted.

  • III. Try not being a whiny bitch. Meta posts are not accepted. Offended??? Just unsubscribe! Don't like the quality of this subreddit??? refer to I and II, get creative and submit the kind of stuff you'd like to see more of. Again, if you don't like the content or are offended then please simply unsubscribe.

  • IV. Everything is NSFW by default. Quit bitching, we don't all ~~collect unemployment~~ work at home like you.

  • V. Message the mods with a link to the comments section of your post if it doesn't show in the new links tab after 5 minutes. Your post is probably caught in reddit's notorious spam filter.

  • VI. If it's NSFL, flair your post with it. You are free to post NSFL content, but be courteous in doing so you sick fuck.

  • VII. Downvote any whiteknighting and moralfaggotry you see. This applies to breakers of rule III. We aren't here to listen to complaining and snowflakes who are offended. There is no line to cross here. If you witness any SJW preaching their bullshit then downvote them immediately. Chronic moral crusaders will be banned. Thin skinned, special snowflake, social justice warrior types are encouraged to go elsewhere.

  • VIII. Don't invade other subs. Yes we're huge assholes, but we're huge assholes here. Only in this sub, not others! Linking to other subreddits will NOT be tolerated! You can post screenshots from Reddit or other social media, but please block out all user names, the subreddit it's posted in, and the title of the post. THIS INCLUDES X-POSTS AS WELL. You may be banned if you don't!!

  • IX. Remind this attention whore fuck to go down the road, not across the street

  • X. Only report things that break the rules please. The report button isn't a "super downvote". If you report something, it helps us a lot if you send us a message with a reason (and link) to the reported post/comment using the "message the moderators button"

  • XI. No advice animals or "memes". Take it to /r/advicehell.

  • XII If you repeatedly submit a post that clearly is not hell-worthy, you may be banned. This IS NOT /r/funny

  • XIII Do not go makin' faggot mods cry :( This rule was created by a user who was butthurt for being banned.

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