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Tasteless "politically incorrect" dark, offensive, & twisted humor of all types is welcome here. Absolutely NOTHING & NOBODY is sacred, taboo, or beyond being joked about.

You are welcome to be as crude as you like while you enjoy your stay in here. But most importantly, be inventive, and don't forget the "humor" part of your submission! There is humor to find in just about any subject matter, no matter how fucked up it is.

     **Subreddit Guidelines/Rules**
  • I. The up and downvotes... Use them!! We recommend you browse our new links tab and Downvote the lame stuff or the reposted bullshit. Upvote the good new shit!!

  • II. Post original content Are you not 100% sure it's new to the sub? Images from this album will result in ban, Be sure to check the new tab as well.

  • III. Try not being a whiny bitch. Meta posts are not accepted. Offended??? Just unsubscribe! Don't like the quality of this subreddit? Refer to I and II. Submit the kind of content YOU would like to see here.

  • IV. Everything is NSFW by default. Quit bitching, we don't all ~~collect welfare~~ work at home like you.

  • V. Message the mods with a link to the comments section of your post if it doesn't show in the new links tab after 5 minutes. Your post is probably caught in reddit's notorious spam filter.

  • VI. If it's NSFL, tag your post with it. You are free to post NSFL content, but be courteous in doing so you sick fuck. No animal gore, no matter how funny it is. Take that to /r/nomorals

  • VII. Downvote any whiteknighting and moralfaggotry you see. This applies to breakers of rule III. There is no line to cross here. Moral crusaders will probably be banned.

  • VIII. Censor ALL identifying info. In compliance with reddit's anti-invasion and anti-brigading rules, you are asked to ALWAYS completely censor all usernames (including your own), Real names, social media handles, and subreddit names (this includes x-posts or linking to other subreddits), and post titles. VIOLATION OF THIS RULE IS IMMEDIATE BAN. HINT: IF YOU WERE BANNED AND ASKED TO FIGURE OUT WHICH RULE YOU BROKE, THE ANSWER IS THIS ONE.

  • IX. We don't give a shit if you are on mobile. Every form of mobile reddit has a way to see the sidebar. Every single one. If you say this to us when you get banned, expect no sympathy.

  • X. No advice animals or "memes". Take it to /r/advicehell.

  • XI If you repeatedly submit a post that clearly is not hell-worthy, you may be banned. This IS NOT /r/funny

  • XII Do not go makin' faggot mods cry :( This rule was requested by a user who was butthurt for being banned.

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