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Imaginary Monsters: Images of creatures by talented artists

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A multi-reddit of The Imaginary Network

Pictorial art of monsters from the past or present, such as angels, demons, strange WTF creatures, drooling brutes, innocent-looking oddities, mythical hybrids, an image from a bestiary, etc. Perhaps your submission will inspire an illustrator or comic-book artist. Yes, you can submit drawings of your own imaginary monsters :) No photos, please.

Please credit the artist by their real name and link to source. Please take 5 minutes to use Google Image Search or TinEye

Use the actual title of the artwork: Don't retitle an artist's piece, even if the relation between the title and the piece is unintuitive. Do not create a title for an untitled piece either.

No links to collections of wallpapers or a portfolio: Please link to one image, and post a link to the gallery in the comments

Self-submissions: Flair reserved for artists posting their own work (Original Content/'OC'): Click the word 'flair' under your post's title then click 'Self-submission' and Save. If you want to see more Self-submissions, click here. Please leave a comment about your piece.

3 submissions max. every 24 hours

No shortened URLs

Reposts of submissions already posted to this subreddit are OK after 8 months

No politics/Subreddit marketing/Card art

Moderators may remove posts/comments at their discretion

Reddit alumnus hueypriest said Imaginary Monsters is "awesome" in a comment about mentioning it on reddit's blog and alumna cupcake1713 says it's "one of the creepiest subreddits"

Header image: a crop of "Corak The Hunter" by Philip Herman

Requests: For payable requests, try r/HungryArtists, r/ArtStore, r/DesignJobs or Dribbble. Or you can search the deviantArt Job offers or Services forums. For casual requests, try r/picrequests

Friends: r/Art - all things art related, post what inspires you; r/CharacterDrawing - for fans of role-playing games; r/Comicbookart - an appreciation of the art form; Creature Spot (outside link) - for creature art, artists and fans; r/DeviantArt - share your work and the work of others; r/drawing - for artists who particularly enjoy drawing; r/Painting - painting methods, techniques, and tips; r/SpecArt - Explore the visual aspects of imagined worlds; r/Wallpapers; r/WTFArt - experimental and unusual art

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