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Technology-based Sci-Fi and Fantasy pictorial art

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The Imaginary Network:





A multi-reddit of The Imaginary Network

This reddit community is for submitting your favourite digital or natural media creations of Sci-Fi and Fantasy pictorial art featuring robots, cyborgs, mechanisms, vehicles, spaceships, futuristic cars or other transport. No photos, please.

Our wiki, which has EeeKitties' best tips for finding content as well as related reddits.

Please credit the artist by their real name and link to source. Please take 5 minutes to use Google Image Search or TinEye

Use the actual title of the artwork: Don't retitle an artist's piece, even if the relation between the title and the piece is unintuitive. Do not create a title for an untitled piece either.

No links to collections of images, portfolios, or videos: Please link to one image, and post a link to the gallery/video in the comments

Self-submissions: Flair reserved for artists posting their own work (Original Content/'OC'): Click the word 'flair' under your post's title then click 'Self-submission' and Save. If you want to see more Self-submissions, click here. Please leave a comment about your piece.

3 submissions max. every 24 hours

No shortened URLs

Reposts of submissions already posted to this subreddit are OK after 8 months

No politics/Subreddit marketing/Card art

Moderators may remove posts/comments at their discretion

Requests: For payable requests, try r/HungryArtists, r/ArtStore, r/DesignJobs or Dribbble. Or you can search the deviantArt Job offers or Services forums. For casual requests, try r/picrequests


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Header image: A crop and horizontal flip of "London 2208" by Vlado Krizan

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