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IncelTears: Because hating women will always get you laid

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IncelTears is a place for folks to submit screenshots of self-described Incels (involuntary celibates) making fools of themselves in their clueless quest to get laid and take women down a peg.


1) NO DOXXING! All personal information (from social media sites such as Facebook) in screencaps MUST be censored. If not, your post will be deleted.

2) NO WITCH HUNTING! We get it, some of these guys are scumbags. Don't take matters into your own hands. If you do, don't start it here.

3) DO NOT start PMing people from these posts and put them on blast. We can't stop you from messaging anyone you want, but like w/ Rule 2, don't start it here.

4) NO TAGGING! In comments or posts, don't not tag users like "/u/xyz". Your comment or post will be removed.

5) AMA posts require mod approval (message us).

6) No linking to hostile subreddits (incels, realincel, etc)

7) Keep content relevant. Incels, realincels, truecels, violent/aggressive "niceguys", and MGTOW related content is welcome. Generic "m'lady" stuff ain't

8) No low blows, don't be like an incel to go after an incel with 3edgy5me crap


Translation of their mysterious language:

-Incel: Involuntary Celibate (usually projecting their lack of game onto women)

-Inceldom: Being an Incel

-Incel Awareness: An Incel's realization of Inceldom and entrance into the sexless echo-chamber

-Normie: A person who isn't an incel, aka anyone who can get laid

-Chad: Pretty good looking guy who get's all the girls; basically this guy:

-Whore: Pretty much any woman who has agency in their sexuality (this pisses Incels off)

-Stacy: Girls who sleep with so-called Chads

-Roastie: Former "Whore" who's worn out from all dat Chad dick

-FHO: Female Humanoid Organism (women in general)

-ER: Elliot Rodgers; their (unironic) God Emporer

-Workcel: Too busy working to get laid

-Gymcel: An Incel who attempts to compensate by working out

-EscortCel: Incels who can only get a nut by paying for sex

-BID: Big incel dick

-Degeneracy: Anything that doesn't follow an Incels absurd world views (ie feminism, lgbt, interracial relationships, etc) as if bitter basement dwellers would know what's good for the world

-FA: Forever alone

-Suicide Fuel: Something that triggers an Incel (an event, image, rejection, etc)

-Cope: Ways Incels attempt to cope with Inceldom

-MGTOW: Men Going Their Own Way; Men taking agency over their masculinity and what defines it to them

-LDAR: Lay-Down-And-Rot; give up

-Rape: Generally defined by their means as forced PIV sex only; female on male rape is generally not recognized as rape by Incels

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