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"Incel" - Involuntary Celibacy

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/r/incels is a support group for people who lack romantic relationships and sex, but mostly geared towards those lacking a girlfriend or seeking marriage.

If you are suicidal, please go to /r/suicidewatch. If you need help, check out /r/anxiety and /r/depression.

FAQ - Read this before posting.

List of advice to improve yourself.


1) No trolling, contentless insults, childish jokes, or bragging to intentionally provoke incels. No vicious personal attacks at anyone; we are fine with an occasional insult, but we are not fine with nothing but insults. Keep your anger and lack of civility to yourself.

2) No laziness. Know what the subreddit is about and don't define incel as merely a lack of sex that can be fixed by going to a prostitute. Do not grossly exaggerate or stereotype all incels as the same or say all incels think they are entitled to sex/relationships or are hateful; everyone has different views. Likening incels to pedophiles or murderers will result in a ban.

3) Any content that encourages a user who is suicidal to commit suicide or engage in self harm will be removed and you may be banned. This rule also includes encouraging people to do physical harm to others as well. Hypothetical talk of whether the world would be better off if humans were gone is fine, actively talking about and planning to murder someone is not.

4)No empty platitudes. Write about actual, tangible stuff, not fortune cookies. It is fine if you sincerely want to help incels, but you need to actually put some effort in and not just repeat the same "lose weight, take a shower, get a haircut" common sense advice that doesn't help anyone because every incel already does it.

5) No brigading. We also do not allow anyone who arrived here from an external link to post or comment.

6) No online diagnosing and proposing of therapy.

You're likely not a therapist or psychiatrist and if you were you should know that you can't diagnose online. You can have a general discussion of therapy but don't tell people they need it. If you are incel and you think you need therapy, please talk to your doctor or get advice on r/mentalillness/

7) We discourage linking to hostile subs or even mentioning defamatory sites online. If you are linking another sub, please use NP links. Reddit user names need to be censored in screenshots. Username mentions that target, insult, or harass others will get removed

8) In accordance with site rules, do not post any personally identifiable information of anyone. Screenshots of social media including Facebook, twitter, instagram, etc must have all names censored. The exception to this is well known public figures as per Reddit's rules.

9) It is forbidden to accuse others of lying.

Unless you have actual evidence that somebody is lying about a claim, like somebody inventing some statistic that isn't there or claiming something that couldn't have happened and you can prove it couldn't have, it is forbidden to just say "You're lying!" to somebody.

10) Do not ask for scientific evidence of every claim unless you can provide the same evidence for your own claims.

11) Those who continuously claim there are as many female incels in the same situation as male incels will receive a warning and then a ban. Most can agree that women can be incel in some rare situations such as extreme disfigurement, but their numbers do not come close to male incels

All posts and comments may be removed at the discretion of the moderators.

In accordance with Reddit's content policy and site wide rules, content that is illegal, that contains involuntary pornography, that encourages or incites violence, that is threatening, that harasses, bullies or encourages others to do so, that contains personal and confidential information, that impersonates someone in a misleading or deceptive manner, or that is spam will be removed.

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