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Incest Porn

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This subreddit is dedicated to posting the of incestuous pornography; meaning real/fake acts depicting sex between family members.

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Basic rules:

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» 18+ ONLY.

» Do not post videos of your family members without permission.

» Link directly to the URL of the video. If the video is simply re-hosted then try to link to the original.

» Only post links to one of the approved hosts shown on the whitelist, the full list is available on this wiki page.

» Do not post links to Motherless or attempt to get around the ban by using partial links, video titles, uploader names etc.

» Accounts must be at least 24 hours old to post. This prevents some spam, apologies for the inconvenience.

» If you want to post gifs then please go to /r/Incest_Gifs or, alternatively, caption them and submit to /r/Wincest.

Report Violators

If you see something that violates the rules, please report it and optionally also message the moderators.

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^Owing ^to ^the ^general ^lack ^of ^ability ^to ^verify ^content ^all ^posts ^should ^be ^assumed ^to ^be ^fictional ^unless ^proven ^otherwise. ^A ^[real] ^tag ^does ^not ^guarantee ^the ^actual ^nature ^of ^the ^post.

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