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IndiansGoneWild! Where Indians Come Out to Play ;)

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IGW is a place for open-minded, adult Indian(or any Desi) Redditors to show off their nude bodies. Indian society tends to be very repressive when it comes to people expressing their sexuality, and nudity. You can show off your naked body here and remain anonymous!


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|RULES!| |-| Posts here must be your own pictures. Do NOT use other people's pictures! This will get you banned!

If you post pics of your SO or someone other than you, please submit a verification post to let us know that they are fine with you posting their pics here.

1. All submissions must contain a gender tag! - [f] for female, [m] for male, and [t] for transgender! - Do NOT put your age or any other numbers/characters with the brackets!

2. No Personal Information - No public sharing of personal info. If you recognize someone, keep it to yourself, and respect that person's right to remain anonymous. Revealing any information can result in a ban!

3. Be nice and respectful! - Do NOT post negative, hurtful, racist, religous, or sexist comments. If you don't like what you see you can move on. Assholes/trolls will be banned.

4. NO SPAM- Do NOT make posts to promote your own subreddits or websites! This applies to link and text submissions!

5. No "Where is /u/..." posts - Do NOT make text posts soliciting/asking submitters for new posts. Our submitters do not exist for the sole purpose of posting everyday and gratifying your needs. If you're that desperate, send them a private message. Nobody wants to hear that shit.

6. Quality over Quantity - Do NOT flood the subreddit with multiple posts. This is as bad as spam. Club all your submissions into one album instead. Excessive posts will be removed. Repeat offenders will be banned. Respect the right of other submitters to be noticed!

7. No chat/hookup requests - Do NOT make posts requesting skype, kik, cams, chats, or any posts looking for hookups. This is not an r4r sub. You can make these kind of posts in /r/r4rIndia

This subreddit is meant for users over the age of 18 only. You must be 18 years old to view this subreddit. By posting here you confirm that the pictures submitted by you are of you, or a person(s) who has given you consent to post here via a verification post using your username for verification. You also confirm that the age of the person(s) in the pictures is at least 18 years at the time the pictures were taken


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